Why One Should Use PowerPoint For Business Reports Instead Of Excel?

Well, may be everyone is familiar with that Powerpoint and Excel both are famous product of Microsoft. For the same both are tremendiously used for business purpose also. But there is a growing debate that which one is the most productive and effective for business reports. So, let here I clear all your doubts that are irrirating you. Besides this, if you are an employee then you must have all about me slides that helps you in presenting yourself by giving self introduction with the main achievements.

To make business reports there are a lot of data required and all are available in the excel. The majority of the folks are ofter used excel to make charts and reports as well for reporting to executive and management. However it seems that PowerPoint is one of the best tool for creating business reports than any other. That is the element that why one should use this particular software rather than Excel.

  • Presenting business reports

Excel is effective but not that much when it compares to PowerPoint. It is veracious that the Excel is performing numbers and collect data and then do calculation. For the same, it renders graphs and charts but no straight way to sort multiple charts and display them conveniently in a group. However, PowerPoint is made for presenting and creating business reports effectively and efficiently.

The thing is that the slide show in PowerPoint render assistance to move from one slide to other with just one click of mouse and can get back to the slide you want.

  • Enormous chart options

When it comes to Excel then it does offer good chart options like pie, bar and line charts in the same way, PowerPoint renders enormous and unique charts. And PowerPoint involves speedometer and infographics are available. The wide chart choices enables people to create the mathetical graphing reports in more better and best way in contrast to Excel.

  • Easy distribution

PowerPoint lets users distribute the business reports in an appropriate and covenient way. Look in what ways the business reports can be distributed. Such are printed slides, slideshare directly over the internet, pdf document, broadcasting by using message point, self running presentation. In these ways one can easily share their business reports to other without any hassle. And it could be reliable business reports distribution for people.

  • Efficient multimedia caliber and associative theme

PowerPoint let people easy to insert and drag images or ever simple videos, screen recording into the slide. A business person can add up product pictures, celebrities and common along with charts and illustrations in different themes. One can do cohesion of theme with their reports and can adjust the font, color, graphics and even font size also. If someone wants to make changes in their presentation then he can do quick customization.

 Eventually, these are the points that display that PowerPoint is an ultimate option for creating business reports. Well, if you are willing to create all about me slides template then use PowerPoint.

About the author: Priya

Priya also used to work as an enterprise project manager in a variety of investment firms and has a background in IT & CS engineering.

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