Top 4 Random Orbital Sanders under $100

Best Orbital Sanders

We all desire to have a perfect finish after tedious and lengthy work. We all wish that the finished product must have catchy attention from its admirers. When it comes to woodwork and carpentry or flooring, the marks of finishing find its way to spoil your work. Here comes Orbit Sanders to your rescue. The most sought after equipment that can reduce your workload, give your work a damn perfect finish, and removing all the unwanted remarks that may make your job look incomplete.

Random-orbit Sanders is handheld power tools for trimming in which the trimming blade produces a random-orbit activity. That is, the angle of rotation of the head and disk is variable.

This tool differs from a normal belt sander for the reason that the random orbit sanding layout is produced by simultaneously spinning the sanding disc and moving it in small ellipses.

Here in this best random orbital sander review article, we will check out the best Sanders at an affordable price of below $100.


  1. BLACK AND DECKER BDER0600 Random Orbit Sander:

Best Random Sanders

When it comes to Sanders, the preferable ones are those who have received appreciation from their users. And this model has a top 10 rating. It has an explicit paddle switch operation which makes it stand out from the rest of the models. It is reviewed as efficient and long-lasting. The BDER0600 consists of a 2.5 A motor for material remover and stripping purposes. With a frequency of around 14000 oscillations per minute, it’s speed increases the superiority of work as well as helps to maintain the workplace clean. The convenient design and simple lock configuration make it handy and preferable amongst all the users.

Price: Approx 50$

  1. BOSCH ROS20VSC Random Orbit Sander:

Best Random Sanders

The second best deal in our list is ROS20VSC from the very famous brand of Bosch with an exception from users with a rating of 9.6. A heavy-duty motor of 2.5 amp is ready to assist you in your work with a professional speed control over the job due to its variable frequency of 7500 to 12000 opm. This makes sure that the finished surface doesn’t have any swirl marks. This 3.5-pound light-weight Sander will help you do all the heavy work and a dependable canister that will make sure that all your sanding requirements are fulfilled from the day one itself.

Price: Approx 60$

  1. BOSCH ROS65VC-6 Random Orbit Sander:

Best Random Sanders

Another Sander from BOSCH has made its way in third place of our list due to its top ratings of 9.5/10. The main feature of this Sander is its canister which will trap all the dust particles even as micro as 0.5 microns. Dust elimination is also much appreciated by users. This ensures a clean surface and a professional finish to the job. Like the other BOSCH products, ROS65VC-6 is also supported with variable speed ranging from 7500 to 12000 opm. The most admired factor of this Sander is the accessories that are bestowed with it. They include vacuum hose adapter, sanding disc, body pad, and case.

Price: Approx 75$

  1. VONHOUS 3.5 amp 5-inch Random Orbit Sander:

Best Random Sanders

The Sander which has made its way with a rating of 9.4/10 is manufactured by Vonhous. Accompanied by a powerful motor makes it easy to handle rough sanding operations. Due to its variable frequency range of 7000 to 13000 opm, it is user friendly and is more preferred by professionals. The incredible 8-hole hook and look system makes the work more efficient. The dust collection and elimination are also handled pretty well with the help of a dual exhaust port.

Price: Approx 40$

Here we finish our list. Now, it’s your time to choose your perfect Sander by comparing the need and extent of the operation to be performed.

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