Personal protective equipment (PPE) Kits are the garments or dress accessories that are used by front line workers or doctors to prevent any contiguous infection. This kit helps to avoid contact with a virus; it doesn’t kill the virus but prevents from entering the body. So, these are recommended to wear who should work or give treatment for infected people. If not, the infection transmits.

Types of PPE’s:

  • Hearing safety – for example, ear muffs and plugs.
  • Hand safety – for example, gloves and barrier creams.
  • Respiratory safety – for example, disposable, airline, half, or complete face.
  • Foot safety – for example, shoes/boots.
  • Eye safety – for example, spectacles/goggles, shields, visors.
  • Head safety – for example, helmets, caps, hoods, hats.
  • Working from heights – for example, harness and fall arrest devices.
  • Skin safety – for example, hats, sunburn cream, lengthy-sleeved clothes.

Other private shielding devices: This might also additionally consist of PPE for precise duties such as disposable garb for operating with chemicals, radiation dangers, welding, painting. Examples include of: lead aprons for x-ray safety; sleeve protectors, aprons, coveralls while the use of chemicals; leather-based jackets, trousers, and spats for welding; thermal and bloodless shielding garb for paintings close to furnaces and funky rooms.

Responsibilities for device Management need to make sure that:

the wishes for PPE are assessed via way of means of someone capable to choose whether or not different strategies of chance manage can provide higher safety of protection and fitness than the availability of PPE.

An expert recommendation is obtained, wherein necessary, to pick out the maximum appropriate kinds of PPE for the duties to be achieved schooling is furnished to supervisors and personnel to permit them to make certain the right selection, fit, use, cleansing and protection of PPE supervision and enforcement of the PPE coverage is undertaken an assessment of the effectiveness of the PPE software is achieved on an everyday basis.

Appropriate PPE is furnished for traffic which can be uncovered to dangers withinside the workplace. At UWA, this consists of college students wherein suitable. This medical equipment will be well wiped clean earlier than one can re-issue all device complies with modern-day applicable Australian Standards and must be stamped or labeled with an AS compliance marking. Existing PPE will be re-assessed often to make sure compliance. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Regulations 1996 law 3.35, personnel.


1) Is PPE kit washable or reusable?

  • PPE kits should not be reused it’s kind of medical disposable if one PPE kit is used once it should be disposed of because a PPE kit will be lost its protecting capacity when reused or washed.

2) What should be done before wearing a PPE kit?

  • Hands should be sanitized, and you should wear gloves when wearing a full-body gown PPE kit.

3) Do PPE kits really protect from the transmission of infective viruses?

  • According to WHO it stops transmission, and it is crucial in dealing with infective patients or surrounded by infective people.

Therefore, have a look and buy a good quality PPE kit, buy only those which are made under the guidelines of world health organization (WHO). Don’t buy a cheaper one and don’t risk your health.

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