All You Need To Know About Different Types Of Drilling Machinery Are Here

A drilling machine is a device that is used to make round holes in walls or to drive fasteners. Unlike the traditional times where a hammer and nail were used to make holes at the desired place, drilling machines can do the job in less time with less labor. There are many types of drilling machines and depending on the requirements a specific one is used.

Drilling machines are usually portable which means one can carry them from one place to another. Drilling machines are best known to serve drilling purposes that create a cross-sectional circular hole at the desired location. Drilling Machinery has been used for a long time now and with its increased efficiency, they have almost replaced the traditional hammer and nail equipment. In the article, you will learn about different types of drilling machines and their purpose.

Portable drilling machines

As by the name one can understand, these machines can be carried to any workspace and used to drill holes in any workpiece. Standard drilling machines do not offer this feature. The structure of a portable drilling machine is compact and small. Being universal they are compatible with vehicle building work. They also operate at higher speeds.

Sensitive drilling machines

It drills small holes in lesser time hence ideal for performing small jobs. Using bolts and nuts the base of such machines is mounted on a bench. It can drill up to 15.5mm diameter. The machine is fed by hand, the user can easily see the progress of the work. Combining a base, spindle, column, driving mechanism, and drill head, a sensitive drilling machine is made. You can find a complete review at drilling-it

Upright drilling machines

It is ideal for medium workspaces and is heavier and larger than a sensitive machine. Drilling is done via a power feed mechanism. 50mm diameter holes can be made using this. Upright drilling machines are also of two types, round column sectional upright machine and box column sectional upright machine. Both of them share common parts like base, table, drill head, and column.

Radial drilling machines

These machines are used in heavy workspaces to make larger holes. On the base, it has a heavy columnar round mount attached. The column contains a radial-mount which can be adjusted as per requirements. The arm also has a drill head that swings as per the change in position. Drill head can also get slides to the radial arm whenever needed. A radial drilling machine is made of a base, radial arm, drill head, and column.

Gang drilling machine

It is made of a long table and a common base. Around six drill heads are attached at the side of the machine. This is ideal for production work as it operates in the order, Drilling, Reaming, Counter Boring, and Tapping. Every spindle performs different work as per the need.

Though the overall purpose of drilling machines are the same, they are made in a way to suit different sub-tasks. This makes buying a machine easier for people as per their needs.

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