The Types And Characteristics Of Audiobooks And The Reasons Behind Their Popularity

Audiobooks are widely used in today’s time as people have vast interests in the field of literature, and all the reading material cannot be found in one place rather than the audiobooks. You can download and listen to any books with the help of All You Can Books. Audiobooks are available in several formats.

Each format is determined by a different set of interests. This article will be informative in determining which audiobook format will be most suitable for you to keep reading to know more.

Tape audiobooks

These are one of the most popular made in the early 1980s the quality has been increased compared to the ancient times the first-ever book was of portable size and in the form of cassettes. The storage of the audiobooks is not affected by the smaller size. You can store up to 120 minutes of audio recordings on audiotapes. Audiotape books are also known with following names –

  • Books on tape
  • Books on cassette tape
  • Talking tapes
  • Audiobooks on tape

CD audiobooks

The way the world listens to audiobooks has changed by audiobooks on CD. These are the most used audiobook formats today, but as soon as these were introduced, digital technologies and downloadable audiobooks overtook their first stop. These are generally preferred by retailers in random clubs as the widest range of titles is available for the listener.

You can play this in automobiles, home stereos, mini stereos, and CD players that are portable. You can place great amounts of audiobooks into just one CD as it has huge storage.

Downloadable books

This is the most famous and feasible type of audiobook. These are the development that happened after CDs. These are basically converted into MP 3 formats and have gain popularity with Apple iPods and MP three players. These become a part of the regular lifestyles of people.

The main reason why audiobooks have become so famous in the last few years is these downloadable audiobooks. These are so convenient and portable for the users because it’s a downloadable technology. This is one of the most popular order book formats that you can consider first stop.


Audiobooks are also available in chip formats. You must have seen SD cards that we put in digital cameras or mobile phones. These can save photos. With the advent of technological advancements, this can also save audiobook Formats. These of gain good number of customers because this card is the size of a quarter coin and so many audiobooks can be placed into it. These offer superior quality audio. It’s a great example of a small package with great things. These are newer formats but a good consideration to take.

Audiobooks have become very popular in the last few years as people have grown fond of more convenience and availability of books. They have made life easier in one or the other way because you do not have to spend time reading books for hours. You can simply continue doing your daily tasks and listen to them while doing it.

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