All About MP4 and Uses of Mp4 Converter

Videos are the best to create marketing campaigns. Sometimes when a video is created it is in the format which is anything but mp4. At times like these, the need to convert videos of other extensions to mp4 is felt.

Another reason to convert can be any downloaded media from the internet would not run on the system if it is not in mp4 format and if you ask “why MP4?”, it is because that is the standardized format. Mp4 Youtube converter is very famous and used by millions of users over the internet.

What is MP4?

MP4 is a file extension for video formats which is also an abbreviation for MPEG-4. The compressed file format does not only contains a visual but also audio, images, and subtitles.

Generally, videos created on mobile devices or cameras are saved with extension .mp4 by default. The downloaded videos from the internet are also in the same format. This file format is used globally and accepted on every platform and device.

Opening MP4 In Devices:

So, as said that mp4 is easily accessible it is just about a click to open mp4 video. To do so a double click would work well. Applications like media players support such formats to run on the systems. This software comes in-built in devices so there is no need to install one.

The usefulness of Mp4:

  • MP4 is useful because of its worldwide acceptance.
  • The video quality is very good.
  • Occupies less space even for larger videos.

The Need for Conversion:

There might be many possible reasons for the same. The other file formats may work on one system but fail to play at other thus sharing of files is tough with other formats. The need to conversion is to-

  • Eliminate the video incompatibility because of different formats.
  • Mp4 can be shared easily on any platform.
  • Once converted it will be easy to play, share, and upload it.

MP4 Converters:

Sometimes people upload videos on the web so that it is shared among a large number of individuals. This may disrupt the privacy. However, to render it among a few individuals becomes very easy when we have a basic mp4 converter.

There are various applications to do so. The free video converting applications can be installed on the computer easily and immediately start to work.

These applications have quite good features like there is no need to pay to use them and they support almost every file format to be converted. These file formats are MKV, FLV, AVI, 3GP, and others. These applications perform vice-versa tasks too.


But the software or application first needs to be installed which might take time and space in the device. This becomes so much of a task if you need to convert any video for one time only. So, for such cases, there are some websites online which work the same.

To use an online website for video converting, there is no need to install anything and just start the work. However, these being free and on the web may take quite some time to perform the tasks.

There is a variety of software and websites on the internet that are free to use. For someone who has to share long videos with good audio/ video quality downloading an mp4 converter free software will be really helpful as it will ease the tasks for them.

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